In Cognite Data Fusion, the file resource type stores files and documents that are related to one or more assets. For example, a file can contain a piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) that shows how multiple assets are connected.

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About files

Files are created in two steps where the first step stores the metadata in a file object, and the second step uploads the file contents. This means that files can exist in Cognite Data Fusion without actually being uploaded.

Each file is identified by a unique id that is generated when the file is a created, and by a fileName and a directory path. File names are limited to 256 bytes, and directory paths to 512 bytes. The combination of a file name and directory path must be unique within a project.

Directories in Cognite Data Fusion differ from directories in file systems in that they exist only as string attributes on individual file objects. This means that the directories themselves cannot be created, deleted, or moved. There is no path separator, and no directory hierarchy.


See the files API documentation for more information about how to work with files.

Last Updated: 4/12/2019, 10:53:12 AM