Getting started

See our mini-tutorials to learn how Operational Intelligence can help speed up your workflows.

To open Operational Intelligence, navigate to and log in with your company name and credentials.

Currently, we recommend that you run Operational Intelligence in Google Chrome.

In this article:

Investigate a piece of equipment or a system

When you investigate a piece of equipment or a system, you usually need access to many different types of data.

Traditionally, users view equipment details in one system, documents in another system, sensor values in another system, and maintenance history in yet another system.

Operational Intelligence speeds up these workflows and lets you view all this data in one place.

Find specific equipment or systems

Select the Data Explorer in the navigation menu to navigate the asset hierarchy or search to find what you are looking for.

When you're searching, you can filter your results or do advanced search on asset name or description (click the filter icon).

Navigate to assets

Examine the relevant data

Once you have selected an asset, you can examine documents, sensor values, maintenance history, and more, for that asset.

Examine data for an asset

Create charts for any piece of equipment, system, or platform

Dashboards give you real-time understanding of operations for a piece of equipment. You can quickly create and save a chart for any asset.

  • Immediately access the most relevant time series for an asset.
  • Add any time series to the chart, as long as the time series is in Cognite Data Fusion.
  • Group y-axes by units, or collapse the y-axes entirely.

Navigate to assets

Last Updated: 6/12/2019, 8:17:32 PM